aviation safety inspection


During the fabrication of aircraft assemblies, critical components need to be inspected by…

vehicle safety inspection


The high production rate in the automotive industry leaves no room for defective components to….

industrial ndt


Any part or component used in industrial systems (ex: pumps, valves, gears, industrial…


UBER, from the German for “over and above,” and SPEC, derived from inSpection, Specialists and Specifications, are the fundamental building blocks of UberSpec.

Over and above on quality and workmanship. Over and above expectations. Over and above when it comes to customer service.

Serving the automotive, aviation, and industrial sectors, UberSpec’s NDT service plays a critical role for industries requiring these types of services. Founded by Fulvio Mini, well known for his expertise in this field for over 20 years, UberSpec offers a superior level of service and is dedicated to a unique mission: inspection of materials and components to assure their structural integrity. No effort is spared to give clients the satisfaction of receiving an accurate evaluation in a detailed report within 24 hours. This rapid, precise, top-quality service is made possible by solid expertise in the materials to be evaluated and by cutting-edge technology.

UberSpec is strategically located in the Mirabel region and is easily accessible to the aviation industry on the North Shore. As a trusted business partner of world-renowned companies, UberSpec helps maximize their success with fast and efficient execution and delivery.

Every effort is made to give the customer the satisfaction of receiving, within a maximum of 24 hours period, an accurate evaluation in a detailed report.

Non-destructive testing

Non-destructive testing carried out by UberSpec is always done with the utmost professionalism, from initial reception to final delivery. Whether the parts are newly fabricated components or assemblies undergoing maintenance, each work order is given a unique identifier enabling real-time tracking and eliminating the risk of errors. Although the preparation and inspection is guaranteed within 24 hours, strict adherence to regulatory and process requirements are always the priority at UberSpec.

Regardless of which inspection process is required – magnetic particle, liquid penetrant or eddy current – the core mission of UberSpec is to provide an inspection service that is over and above customer expectations while maintaining stringent professional standards, timely delivery and accurate, professional reports.