During the fabrication of aircraft assemblies, critical components need to be inspected by one or more NDT methods to ensure that the turbine engines, landing gears and fuselage structures are built only with components capable of withstanding the extreme loads to which they are subjected on a daily basis. UberSpec is there to ensure safety.

In order to meet regulatory requirements, airplanes, helicopters and all their associated components must be regularly maintained. UberSpec carries out NDT inspections in our state-of-the-art facility or at the client’s location. UberSpec makes sure that your aircraft is safely back in the air.

aerospace - ndt inspection

Methods used in the aerospace sector

magnetic particle testing

Magnetic Particle

The contact of the component with a magnet or electro-magnet for inducing a magnetic field…

Liquid penetrant

Liquid Penetrant

It is the method revealing the presence of gaps open at the surface of pieces made of non-porous…

Eddy Current

The Eddy current inspection method is permitted by the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction…